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What takes place in the video below is not uncommon, but few cases come to light due to the amount of overwhelming Corruption within a broken system.

First of all, those who fall on hard times are almost immediately looked upon as less than the "Have" population.

While watching the video a few times, I thought of how in the past, rubbing elbows with the well to do was part of my life. Today, I can only wonder which ones and how many are complaining. Another sad part about this is, that many of the "Have" population attend and/or take part in fund raising events for charities. So it may just go to prove that the real reason fund raising is being done is maybe for a good feel feeling for oneself. Not to mention quite possibly for their accountants.

The police whether they like it or not are to "Protect and Serve" all citizens no matter what. Maybe the officers need a refresher course.

If you know of anybody being abused by the establishment, send us the details, so their details can be made public. 

We are human, and you will get more than that you dish out!

Michael Love, IIO


Homeless claim harassment by Fla. police

Sarasota, a Gulf Coast city of 53,000 full time residents, is known for its arts scene and nearby beautiful beaches. But some homeless and the American Civil Liberties Union say authorities are trying to harass the homeless into leaving town. (Jan. 18)

SHOTLIST:ACLU -- COURTESYSarasota, Florida1. Surveillance video of homeless man being attacked by officerAP2. Wide of condos with water in front3. Archway with condos in back4. Water with condos in back.5. SOUNDBITE: Michael Barfield, ACLU6. Homeless woman on sidewalk7. Homeless man lying down8. Police car9. Wide of police chief10. SOUNDBITE: Bernadette DiPino, Sarasota Police ChiefACLU11. Surveillance videoAP12. Man on bicycle13. SOUNDBITE: Steve McAllister, Homeless (partially covered)14. SOUNDBITE: James Franklin, Jr., Homeless15. Close up of feet16. Franklin and friend on bench17. Distant shot of homeless people18. Boat in waterSTORYLINE:SURVEILLANCE VIDEO SHOWS A SARASOTA, FLORIDA POLICE OFFICER KNOCKING DOWN A HOMELESS MAN AND DRAGGING HIM ACROSS THE PAVEMENT. THE FOOTAGE WAS OBTAINED BY THE ACLU HIGHLIGHTS WHAT SOME SAY IS A CLASS STRUGGLE IN THIS CITY OF HIGH-END CONDOS OVERLOOKING SPARKLING WATERS.SOUNDBITE: Michael Barfield, ACLU: the ACLU found that officers were texting each other back and fort about bum hunting, hunting for bums in the city. At night during the day, in city parks. And making jokes about having to beat them up or get into a fight with themTHE ORGANIZATION HAS FILED MULTIPLE LAWSUITS AGAINST THE CITY, CLAIMING THAT AUTHORITIES ARE TRY TO HARASS THE HOMELESS INTO LEAVING TOWN.Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino: we have an active internal affairs investigation and we're going to thoroughly investigate this case and bring It to a conclusion. But I'm not at liberty at this point to discuss it because under state statute, it's a confidentiality clause that's involvedTHE ALLEGED ABUSE DOESN'T SURPRISE SOME OF SARASOTA'S HOMELESS POPULATION. THEY SAY A BURGEONING NUMBER OF WEALTHIER FOLKS DON'T WANT THEM THEM NEAR THEIR HOMES.SOUNDBITE: Steve McAllister, homeless man: "I think for a long time we've had a lot of issues. The fact that we have a lot of wealthy people downtown and they're not quite used to dealing with the lowly and downtrodden. SOUNDBITE: James Franklin Jr., homeless man: "I've been homeless, I've been a vagrant and now I'm a bum that's being hunted by bum hunters. FOR THEIR PART, POLICE SAY OFFER MORE SERVICES TO THE HOMELESS THAN OTHER CITIES. INCLUDING REFERRING THEM TO SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAMS.MATT FRIEDMAN. ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****)

Lest we not forget!

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