Documentary-maker Lee Halpin meets death living Homeless in U.K. (Pics/VIDEO) -

Documentary-maker Lee Halpin meets death living Homeless in U.K

Lee Halpin
Be aware that many of the articles listed below related to Lee Halpin's death use wording such as "froze to death" or "frozen to death" incorrectly. This is inaccurate since all of the medical personnel I spoke with, explain that a person doesn't exactly freeze to death. It comes after death. What most likely happens according to those in the medical field is that a person most likely succumbs to hypothermia or in quite rare instances during the winter period, hyperthermia.

No matter what term you seek to put to it, living without an abode, structure, dwelling, living space and/or house is not fun and games. It can, as Lee Halpin found out, take your life. He deserves credit for being willing to take on such a trying task as living "Houseless", yet still in his mind he knew it would only be temporary. Most DO NOT!

Now on "Houselessness" of another:
We will be bringing to you real life exposure into the forced "Houselessness" of an United States of America citizen which began in Gorna Banya, Bulgaria with U.S. Department of State Corruption, New Bulgarian University affiliation, as well as, others involved with crossing the Atlantic Ocean into the U.S.A. It still continues for one person who is not of: drink; drugs; mental instability; poor financial ways - except from what evil doers coveted/kept/stole which was not theirs -; nor on the run from the law. It continues!

Are you safe dealing with those of the Department of State when some within it are all too willing to take part in horrible harms against a United States of America citizen? Let alone work to cover it up? Their long list of evils has been for a long time went unnoticed. They DO manipulate and it is ALL for GREED and control.

After posting this and with mentioning NBU, the university website page referencing guilty parties was altered to now exclude the contact details of those involved.

Why does an institute of higher learning HIDE the Truth from others?

What are its ties to Corruption? None you think? You sure?

Are you safe with associating yourself with those part of this horrible ordeal who guide you with higher learning, yet care little to nothing about human life?

This is a link to the company the continuing "Houseless" person was forced from due to involvement of some Department of State employees who forced Bulgarian officials to do their dirty work and others who take part in this Corruption: 

Below are just some of the photos and a little insight into what to expect when this comes forth. The details (shocking  information), "The Houseless" encountered along the way, those of help, along with those that abuse for profit/gain/control and/or malice and/or just being mean to "The Houseless" is coming to you through photos, videos and real life stories. Sure to be overwhelming to most.

What say you #Corrupt, #American, #CapiFacist, #Terrorist Gregory V. Houston employed with the U. S. Department of State? An over weight ( obese ) negro male from Houston, TX. & Security Officer of U.S. Embassy's who is of malice, deception and threats. Moves around every 3 years. This nasty being refused a U.S. Citizen refuge from within the U.S. Embassy and had him dragged away. Also made threats of forcing the victim into poverty and how with such, no one would listen to the truth of the evil affair forced unto him. Mr. Houston further described how the U.S. created a global method of only those of worldly value are taken seriously. This is the type of evil he brings into other nations, all with the consent of the way the State Department operates.

What say you #Corrupt, #American, #CapiFacist, #Terrorist Sean Hantak employed with the U. S. Department of State? He is ex-military, deceptive, tricky, dangerous, bicycle rider, sandy brown hair, glasses, about 5'11" and a Catholic. He took part in trying to coerce the victim, via armed guard, to sign a blank official U.S. Department of State 8.5 by 11 document which this deceptive one - who travels about other nations committing acts of deception - said U.S. Department of State officials would fill in the details later. His offer from the U.S. Department of State was that all of the troubles would go away. It was not signed and he was ordered off the property in Gorna Banya, Bulgaria.

Did U.S. Department of State Corruption assist and/or encourage others to abuse, terrorize and/or take advantage of the victim stemming from their Corruption or ...? In the U.S. many within worked their evil based upon U. S. Department of State erroneous, misleading and/or evil ways/words. This aided others with bringing harm upon the victim of their participation in crimes in other nations, as well as, those in the U.S..

All of their #Corrupt #American #CapiFacist #Terrorist ways were in play so they could have rights on the Burgas, Bulgaria facility for their oil masters. 1 U.S. citizen meant nothing to them for their focus was on their masters and themselves.

Why did Bulgarian Government officials and it's people want to know: "Why is your government, meaning the #Corrupt #American #CapiFacist #Terrorist government, doing this to you"? This was asked unto the man when released from a Petrich, Bulgaria prison where he was held for no crime. The Bulgarians asked to understand WHY the #Corrupt #American #CapiFacist #Terrorist government sought to have him either taught a lesson on how they are in control or murdered. Fact is, the #Corrupt #American #CapiFacist #Terrorist government cares NOTHING about its slaves when abroad, nor at home, and at any time they will inflict harm. 

Remember Benghazi since the TRUTH has yet to come out and is being with-held. The victims of these crimes against humanity experienced the willingness of some U.S. Department of State employees to not only ruin lives, but even push death. U.S. Department of State acts of evil and the willingness to evade and/or act out as they are of no wrong, is sickening and you should be concerned; Other countries should be AWARE of these nasty, self-righteous criminals against humanity.

The U.S. Department of State DOES abandon & abuse it's own citizens.
What few U.S. citizens realize and nations come to realize it after having dealings with the U.S. Department of State is that they get you to bite on the apple of #CapiFascism which leads to SOME having prosperity. Look out though, since along with their trinkets and promises comes such trickery masked behind smiles, missionaries and handshakes.          


What say you Corrupt, American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist, William (Bill) L. Tarr? Former dealer of Tarr Chevrolet, now focusing on using his wealth to spread a "version" - Capitalist Christianity - of Scripture for profit/gain and/or control.
Mr. Tarr is far from being a righteous being in accordance with Scripture, but he sure is able to use his wealth to buy a version of righteousness.He remains without being repentant. He steers others who go into other nations acting as missionaries. Their hidden focus is to get their GREEDY ways into what can be made into PROFIT. Time will bring forth that dealing with him and those he steers will one day bring new hardships.

William L. Tarr residence/business at 1292 Lakemoore Dr, Jefferson City, TN 37760

What say you Corrupt, American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist, Richard J. Griffin? Mr. Griffin and his newest 3rd wife from other affairs, Shirley J. Gamble, - none of the others are deceased - had big hands in deception, malice, coveting, theft and/or keeping what wasn't & isn't his away from "The Houseless". He has much experience though with taking part in cover-up/Corruption crimes when his child, Richie Griffin employed with Gordon Foods, stole drugs from his uncles pharmacy, and/or his other children - Jill Suzanne Griffin & Jeff Griffin with is wife, Rebecca - Becky -, continually indulged in drugs - involved in illegal activity with the help of local Corrupt "Rule of Law" officials looking the other way. Rebeccca ( Becky ( Griffin works as a nurse, yet has NO trouble indulging in illegal drugs. Mr. Griffin has a long history of bedding with CORRUPT masters and using this for his advantage. He is a long time member of Secret Societies including, Freemasons. (more coming on the history of this corrupt criminal)

Much of the property was at this residence in Gaby Hills. It was coveted, removed, kept and/or stolen by those falsely propagandizing they are some sort of "Christian". BEWARE of these "Capitalist Christians" for they aren't of clean and/or good. Don't HATE those who are actually followers though.

What say you Corrupt ,American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist, Scott Shafer of Tarr Chevrolet? Mr. Shafer has been known to be involved with illegal drugs and other criminal acts. He also is well versed in using marketing to sway people his way, even when they don't want to. This snake is a tricky one, so you have been warned.
Scott Shafer, a being who is what the word "nasty" refers to. BEWARE!!! A real life COVETING CATHOLIC SCUMBAG DECEIVER, drug advocate!

Tony White, a salesman at Tarr Chevrolet who supports illegal drug use and knew full well of the criminal acts being brought upon the Victim of State Department Corruption, yet remained silent. All of this with him calling himself a "Christian". His wife is a hair dresser in Newport, TN

Don't believe the false advertising from Tarr Chevrolet unless knowing how to treat people right means that you approve, coveting, physical harm upon others, theft, deception ... evil

What say you Corrupt American Capitalist Christian Terrorist, Hobart & Bonnie Rice?

Bonnie E. Rice has a long history of favoring relatives for placement into good jobs, while PIMPING those of poverty into slavery and even work without ever getting paid.
Hobart Rice is all TOO proud to flash a deputy sheriff badge on people to flex his ways of #Corruption. He also takes part in pushing automobiles & auto related items, some of them may be stolen. He uses his connections with #Corrupt "Protect & Serve" to take what he wants.

Hobart Rice is an over weight, white male who doesn't know and/or seeks to keep Right from Wrong. BEWARE!
He later went on to become known as:
The Honorable Hobart Rice
916 Loretta Ct.
Dandridge, TN 37725
(P) 865-548-8479
The only thing honorable about this criminal is that he is bound to forever be unto the earth where animals and others can crap on him! This terrorist carries a hidden weapon where ever he goes.
Just goes to show how terrorist of humanity can get away with anything, including tricking the public that he is an honest, righteous being, right in front others who DO NOT seek to know the Truth! Has he taken part in rape, murder, extortion, physical harm against a human, theft whether in person or by proxy? You sure? You absolutely sure? 


This catholic deception church at 475 N. Hwy 92, Jefferson City, TN 37760 is known to of kept safe a man who may of been of the Catholic pedophile ring of moving around those who are of guilt. Did some members gave false information to those of the judicial slave trade, thus bringing undo harm unto a man who was of no wrong, to keep the secret hidden? This Catholic church wears two faces, so be-aware and keep the children safe by staying away from those of it.

  Some of the "members" of this greedy, deceptive evil church at
951 Highway 92 South Dandridge, TN 37725 took part in undo harm against humanity as to keep from actually "Being About It" in relation to Real, True Scripture. This place is a for profit business that only does for humanity what it needs to do in order NOT be too noticeable with the frauds they are related to their 501(c)(3) with the United States Department of Treasury. The terrorist, coveting scumbag and murder by proxy evil one listed below, Alfred Ben Strand, is a "member" of this for profit church of men.

Corrupt, American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist, Alfred Ben Strand - the one with a gopher jaw, overweight and holding a trinket - who has harmed many people sitting both as a judge of man via Jefferson County, TN courts and as a believer in a "version" of Scripture with being a deacon at Dandridge, TN Baptist Church - all for Profit/Gain and/or Control. He lacks true remorse, regret and/or being repentant. He has sent people to their demise and feels some sort of deity gives him that right. Didn't Charles Manson think something like that? This evil one even turned blind eyes, deaf ears & silent words to murders that have taken place at the Jefferson County Justice Center, all at the hands of self appointed so called "Christians". He also allowed others to have their way with the man he tricked. This is how Dandridge, TN has been able to shove out those of poverty and cater to the wealthy.

What say you Corrupt, American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist Judge Alfred Ben Strand?
This being and some of those of the Capitalist Christian business "for profit" Dandridge, TN Baptist Church members go unto other nations taking their "version" of Biblical knowledge. Fact is though, that even by their "version", those who have taken part in this crime against humanity refuse to be repentant, remorseful and bring resolve to the victim. So, are those in other nations actually SAFE with them bringing their "version" to them?   

Alfred Ben Strand helped another #Corrupt, #evil being Richard J. Griffin and his 3rd wife, Shirley J. Gamble, now Shirley J.Griffin win a law suit that netted them thousands from a car accident. Except both know they played parts and weren't being truthful to win such a law suit. They attend the same church as Alfred Ben Strand! Conflict of INTEREST?
This being, Corruptly judges men, yet acts out being a deacon of some version of man's religion.
He lives with guilt, yet acts out as if all is OK for him to slander and/or ruin others lives all for a #Corrupt version of the Truth.

At this place - 765 Justice Center Dr Dandridge, TN 37725 - which also serves to hold humans and commit them to slavery, cops, sheriffs and members of its operations did and do take part in coveting, rape and murder. Some get covered up, others do make it to news. Look it up! They stole without any LEGAL due process a mans belongings some of which was passed down memories from those who are deceived, tortured, tricked and even subjected him to harms against humanity that the USA strikes out at other nations to NOT do. Know these evil ones and DO NOT be tricked by them, whether in the USA or another nation. They will bring death, destruction and slavery to your nation. All you have to do to realize this, is read and search out their True ways, not the crap that they present to you. DO NOT BE THEIR FOOL! This is also the place where Alfred Ben Strand terrorizes others into submission all for the profit, gain and/or control of a corrupt judicial system and corrupt network of mans religions.

What say you Corrupt, American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist Jefferson County officials and others who took and take part in coveting, rape, murder and oh so much more crimes against humanity? Whay say you?

These beings and/or their organizations of some sort of mans' justice, violates Abba, Elohiyms' Laws,  the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and imposes their "version" of Scripture beliefs upon others that their corrupt system of mans' justice traps and/or holds for ransom as slaves. They have even been known to force death upon those they hold captive.

Where are, yet not limited to, over $190,000+ of assets which were, yet not limited to, coveted, stolen and/or wrongfully removed, kept from and/or are no longer the victims processions?
Including, yet not limited to: his whole life keep sakes since childhood - family members, records, legal docs, etc., thousands, upon thousands of Mac, Snap-on, Wentworth, Matco, Craftsman ... tools, equipment, professional tool storage containers, etc.,  numerous collector vehicles - including a 1964 Corvette Roadster factory air convertible, 1959 Morris Minor PU ... - , antiques, collections, Waterford Crystal, Royal Doulton, Penny arcade machines, Presidential Date-minder Rolex, first print book collection, gold, silver, plate block stamps, 21 steamer trunks full of antiques/collections, numerous old Barrister stack-able book-cases, fold out aluminum camper, large enclosed cargo mate trailer, survival gear; thousands of dollars of hand made 1 off, hardwood animal puzzles from the Czech Republic & hand made dollies of remarkable craftsmanship from about the Black Sea region, legal instruments such as Titles, Trademark registrations, etc. ... and a family heirloom that the dear, dear 104 1/2 year old grandmother bestowed upon him to pass on. This was done upon her death bed.

 Pic of the cargo trailer stolen with help from those mentioned herein. Numerous antiques, collections and a 1964 Corvette roadster were housed inside.

 1961 Plymouth low-rider stolen in Dandridge, TN. Seen here parked at the property from which it was taken from.

 1973 Chevrolet pick up with rebuilt HP running gear, stolen in Dandridge, TN. Seen here parked at the property from which it was taken from.
No "Rule of Law"?

What say you 501(c)(3), "Help" organizations that are for profit/gain/control?
In the U.S. it's ALL about profit, so please don't be misguided by the deceptive advertising and/or erroneous labeling they want you to think is real.

What say you Nadezhda Dimitrova Dimitrova? A Bulgarian national employed at New Bulgarian University in the International Relations department and other Bulgarian nationals? According to Gregory V. Houston with the Department of State, she serves also as an intelligence officer gathering information. While she was steering Gregory V. Houston with deception, he was steering her with deception to give up the US citizen. In her defense though, it has come to be understood that not only is she brilliant with accomplishing a masters degree program in about 2 years from start with not even having any degree, but she gave into Department of State Corruption, thus was also used as expendable human expense. (Not all Bulgarians are nasty people, oh so many are very fine people just trying to live life as given and deserve respect)

What say you Corrupt, American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist, advantage takers of "The Houseless"?

What say you to those who operate businesses going under the understanding of being some sort of religion of man?
What say you ...?

And, who and/or what is actually responsible for others being forced into "Houselessness"?
Who and/or what is actually responsible for others forced into "Houselessness" and the harms that may be encountered?

How about who and/or what that keeps people "Houseless" by the frauds taking place with those presenting themselves as compassionate/caring and/or in the "business" of "Help"?
Who? or is it What?

This is not about any anger or hate, just what takes place.

The real concern is that many of those who only put on a face of compassion and will be forthcoming are without repentance, regret and/or remorse for their harms against humanity.
Are you safe around them?

Gorna Banya, Bulgaria house where the horrible chain of events leading to "Houselessness" happened, all with some employees of the Department of State's knowledge and even interaction. This was later expressed by Bulgarian officials who are in the inside loop of what takes place in Bulgaria.

The next 3 pics are of the first rough sleeping area for 2 weeks/fortnight - due to the affair briefly mentioned above. The "Houseless" or rough living area was at the foot print of The Cathedral of St Joseph Roman Catholic church in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Resting place between foot print of cathedral and the stone wall at The Cathedral of St Joseph Roman Catholic church in Sofia, Bulgaria. Shown now with the fence which was put up right after the caretaker realized an United States of America citizen was rough living there. There were 2 Roma who were rough living nearby. The ROMA, husband and wife, would go to work daily as sanitation workers.

Down this corridor between a hand laid stone wall and the building foot print is where the victim rested rough for 2 weeks/fortnight behind The Cathedral of St Joseph Roman Catholic church in Sofia, Bulgaria

Unfortunate man who many pass up, including diplomats that attend The Cathedral of St Joseph Roman Catholic church in Sofia, Bulgaria

"Houseless" sojourn to the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington, DC seeking closure. The Bulgarian Embassy showed no care, but they sure like taking U.S.A. taxpayer money and help.

Island living in the Potomac River - along the path of Marine 1, 2 & 3 when the helicopters journey north to camp David -  not by choice, yet due to not fitting into any category by which 501(c)(3) help organizations would interact, and evading a credible attempt by others seeking harm against the victim according to a United States Park Police detective.
This investigator gave his business card to Mike, from North Carolina, expressing his concern for "The Houseless" safety.

A bit warmer rest due to snow falling, but still below freezing.

No where to rest, but near trash/rubbish containers with over night temperatures dropping to 14F/-10C

Remember, "The Houseless" eat, when food can be gathered!
Remember, "The Houseless" try to rest when a safe place can be found to so so!
Remember, "The Houseless" bleed when abused or with being confronted by circumstances related to living "Houseless" and/or "rough sleeping"!
Remember, "The Houseless" are not all with drink, drug addiction(s), mental instability, self induced poor financial ways and/or running from law enforcement. Many are victims!
Remember, "The Houseless" are human, so please STOP using "The Houseless" for profit/gain/control!
Remember, "The Houseless" are you, and to STOP "Houselessness" you have to become about it, not just vent thoughts from your brain past your lips!

Thank you in advance, and I know you DO want to do better with being with correctness when it comes to your fellow "human".

If you actually want to know the Hows, Whys and What ifs of this Horrible Forced Houseless ordeal, as well as, those of others, then please keep up here.

Yes, pray, pray a great deal for these criminal, nasty, evil beings who adhere to evils path, yet walk with fake face unto others. They don't have remorse, regret and don't repent. These are some of the reasons Charles Manson is still kept in prison. He was caught, yet there are still dangerous criminals running free out there and many are in areas of control. Know them! Don't hate them, nor bring any harm unto them, for they WILL be served with true Justice, not mans' greedy, deceptive justice.

Do not allow people such as these evil beings to steer you from True Scripture as it was meant for humans to be in alignment with.

It's not about the material things, it's about real criminals who are in control of a Corrupt system and how they can get away with such crimes against humanity.

Since this first happened, the hostage/victim has been refused a U.S.A. passport, but not for any criminal offense. They simply took 195.00 US dollars and refused to give a passport and kept all of the funds. U.S. Department of State  employees said it's their right to keep funds without giving goods and/or services. Real CORRUPTION is within the U.S.A.

Currently the U.S. Department of State states they will give a passport only after their extortion terms are met.      

You aren't safe with Corrupt, American, Capitalist, Christian Terrorist in your neighborhoods or nation.! Come to know the difference between them and the ones who are actually followers of Truth.


Mikhael Love, IIO

Friday 05 April 2013

Film-maker Lee Halpin dies during homeless probe

Aspiring documentary maker Lee Halpin has been found dead while sleeping rough as part of his research into homelessness. He is believed to have frozen to death.

Lee Halpin addressing issues before his death while living "Houseless" in U.K.

Lee Halpin had decided to spend the week living on the streets in his home city of Newcastle to experience what it was like to be homeless and sleeping rough

Speaking in a YouTube video of the eve of the project, he said he wanted to give an example of fearless reporting, as part of an application for a Channel 4 investigative journalism scheme.

But after just three days on Sunday, the 26-year-old was found dead in a derelict building in the Westgate Road. The coldest recorded temperature that weekend in Newcastle was -4 C.
I will interact with as many homeless people as possible and immerse myself in that lifestyle as deeply as I can - Lee Halpin
Police have arrested two men on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug. Both have been released on police bail.

Halpin said he had spoken to a homeless charity about the rise in the number of people on the streets and the possible repercussions of the bedroom tax.

"I'm about to go and spend a week being homeless in the West End of Newcastle. I will sleep rough for a week, scrounge for my food, access the services that other homeless individuals use," he said.
"I will interact with as many homeless people as possible and immerse myself in that lifestyle as deeply as I can."

He concluded the video by saying he hoped it showed his willingness to get to the heart of a story.

"The ultimate sacrifice"

Lee's friend Daniel Lake told the Newcastle Chronicle: "No-one knows how he passed away, but we think it could have been hypothermia.

"He made the ultimate sacrifice trying to raise awareness about what was happening to other people."

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: "We are saddened to learn of the tragic death of this aspiring young journalist. Our thoughts are with his family."

According to figures from the Crisis charity, last year around 2,300 people were sleeping rough in the UK on any one night.

However the charity warns that due to the difficulties of tracking rough sleepers, the actual figure is likely to be much higher.

Click on the image to be taken to more related to this story:

12 March 2013 Govt offers "bedroom tax" concessions

13 December 2013 From street to parliament: young homeless meet MPs

30 November 2013 "Dramatic" rise in people at risk from homelessness

And Via

Two arrested after film-maker researching homelessness documentary is found dead

Two men have been arrested after a film-maker researching a documentary on homelessness was found dead in Newcastle.

Lee Haplin made a video in which in which he said he wanted to 'immerse himself' in the lifestyle Photo: NNP

Friends believed that Lee Halpin, 26, who was discovered in a boarded up hostel on Wednesday morning, may have succumbed to hypothermia as temperatures reached as low as -4C overnight in the city.

But yesterday, detectives investigating Mr Halpin's death arrested a 26-year-old and a 30-year-old on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs.

A Northumbria police spokesman said the men had been bailed pending further inquiries and that a report was being prepared for the coroner.

Mr Halpin, a Newcastle University graduate, had planned to spend a week experiencing life on the streets and on Sunday, the night before he embarked on the project, he made a video in which he said he wanted to "immerse himself" in the lifestyle.

However the Newcastle University graduate also spoke about how it had caused "trepidation" among his friends and family.

"I am about to go and spend a week being homeless in the West End of Newcastle," he said. 

"I will sleep rough, scrounge for my food, access all the services that other homeless individuals in the West End use. I will interact with as many homeless people as possible and immerse myself in that lifestyle as deeply as I can." 

In the clip, Mr Halpin said he was producing the documentary as part of an application for a position on an Channel 4 investigative journalism programme. 

He said: "I hope that you perceive this to be a fearless approach to a story. "It certainly feels brave from where I’m sat right now. 

"I am about to embark upon this documentary tomorrow morning. It has certainly caused a huge amount of trepidation amongst my family and friends who do think it is a brave thing to do. That is the impression I want to leave you with about my willingness to get to the heart of a story." 

Mr Halpin, who studied creative writing, regularly appeared on a local radio and founded a magazine, Novel, which covered arts and culture in the city. 

On Sunday, he posted a message on twitter, the social networking site, asking his followers if anyone had a sleeping bag he could borrow. 

Lee Halpin addressing issues before his death while living "Houseless" in U.K.

Friend Daniel Lake told the Newcastle Chronicle that he had spoken to him on Saturday.
“Lee was a great guy, a character and was well known," he said. 

"His big things were creative writing and poetry. He was making a documentary about homeless people living in Newcastle’s West End. 

“No one knows how he passed away, but we think it could have been hypothermia. He made the ultimate sacrifice trying to raise awareness about what was happening to other people.” 

Other friends have also paid tribute to Mr Halpin, who lived in Newcastle with his family, online.

Dean Sowden said: "Lee was a prominent figure in my life. I remember him as a caring and passionate young man who always had time for me on a personal level, he always had the right suggestions that got me over some dark times. 

"I miss him terribly but I will always remember his wit, his smile, his hope that things will get better and, on a lighter note, his dress sense - boy could that lad dress himself accordingly." 

Jeff Wilson said: "I met Lee when he was studying the documentary film module at Newcastle University. Great guy with a massive yearning to learn, a ready smile and a generous nature. I’m stunned. He’ll be sorely missed." 

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said the body of a man believed to be in his 20s was found in a derelict building on Westgate Road at 9.50am on Wednesday. 

A post-mortem examination has not yet been carried out. An inquest into his death is due to open on Tuesday.

Lest we not forget!

15th St. and M St. in DC, "The Houseless" at