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Emily has a Home it's her family, but she is missing a House!

Below is yet another story about a family who find themselves at the mercy of a system in the United States of America that often shuns its own citizens for  nothing more than falling on hard times.

Life is quite good for many in the USA, but for many, praying for a roof over ones head and food to eat becomes the major focus of survival. Sure there are many, many so-called not for profits in the business of HELP, but who do they actually serve? For many it's their business interest of keeping real estate, pensions and/or some sort of tax benefit. Others do it for the correct reasons, but don't favour as well.

The sad part of people having to live as Emily and her children, is that the United States of America claims itself as a "Christian" nation, but for this to be true and actual, the only ones without a place to lay their head, have food to eat and a life for them, would be those who willingly choose the "Houseless" way of life. Perhaps the saddest part is that the USA is not, in fact, a real life practicing nation that follows the one called "Christo".  

Pray and if you can, search out this family and/or others such as Emily and her children and do what is natural and correct, HELP!

Mikhael Love, IIO


Emily and her children

Emily and her husband live in a hotel near St Louis with their 4 kids and another one on the way.  When we walked in Emily  was giving her son a “time out” by sending him to the bathroom. There is no other room.  There is no privacy. My heart broke while visiting with Emily and her children. You can feel the nonstop stress this young mother must experience.

Emily’s husband lost his job. They then bounced around family until their car broke down and they ended up at this hotel. That was almost a year ago.

Living in weekly rate hotels often becomes a strap. It’s $1,000 a month to live there, which is often just most people’s paycheck. Emily’s husband is now back working and they have been lucky enough to save up some money, yet with an eviction on their record – finding a house or apartment to rent can be challenging.

Special thanks to Paul Kruse.

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Lest we not forget!

15th St. and M St. in DC, "The Houseless" at http://Houseless.net

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