YouTube pranksters in Ohio bring Heartwarming Pizzas to "The Houseless" (Pics/VIDEO) -

It's always touching when others actually do what's righteous or at least try to do such. The accompanying article shares a bit of at least two people who ventured to bring comfort to "The Houseless" of a Lewis Center, Ohio town.

Some aren't so fortunate, and even more are often taken advantage of such circumstances as being "The Houseless"

This became the situation when Kirk Sinclair - self professing himself as "The Hiking Humanitarian" - not only didn't keep to his verbal agreement with "The Houseless", but refused to be righteous with being responsible for damages to The Houselesses property that Cindy Sinclair - Kirk's wife - damaged.  What ever the views Kirk Sinclair has - staunch left wing Democrat/esoteric agenda supporter -, if someone is claiming to be a "humanitarian", then shouldn't that person at least "be about it" without abusing "The Houseless" just because Kirks' false, misleading and/or erroneous views aren't accepted and/or supported? Or is that in Kirk Sinclairs' world of humanitarian efforts, there will be those who are pushed aside, not treated in a humanitarian way, left for dead ... just because of not supporting an unclean agenda that WILL have causalities?

But, it not only turned out to be Kirk Sinclair that was all the hurtful to "The Houseless". Town officials, as well as, relatives, religious members and some of the towns people put on good faces to promote themselves and/or the town of Norfolk, Conn. to outsiders only for profit/gain/control. The shocking truth of DECEPTION within Norfolk, Conn. is coming. More here:

"The Houseless"


Little did a pizza parlor owner know that when he handed over the restaurant keys, his friends were about to “prank” him in a way that’s seriously hard to be mad about.

Roman Atwood, a YouTube prankster, and his buddies convinced the owner of Wholly Joe’s Chicago Eatery, located in Lewis Center, Ohio, that one of them had left a wallet inside and that they needed the key to enter after hours.

While they told Joe they would be in and out, three hours later they had made 30 pizzas, left money for them on the counter and were off to a homeless shelter for an impromptu pizza party.

Pranksters tricked their pizza shop-owning friend into giving them the keys. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Three hours later, they had made 30 pizzas. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Don’t worry, they paid for it. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Some of a pizza went to a faith mission that houses homeless overnight. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Some of the pizzas were distributed to those in need on the streets. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

“Give him some love for being such a good sport!” the YouTube video’s description requested for their unwitting pizza benefactor, Joe.

“What happened last night?” Joe says in the video after arriving at the restaurant the next day. “All I see at the register is a stack of money, a note saying I fed the homeless… And what the heck, I don’t understand what you guys did.”

Watch the video:

Full version of the "prank"

An earlier "Feeding The Homeless Prank":


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Lest we not forget!

15th St. and M St. in DC, "The Houseless" at

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