Houseless Missouri Man, Billy Ray Harris, Returns Diamond Ring Found In Change Cup (VIDEO) -

Billy Ray Harris
Billy Ray Harris, a Missouri homeless man, returned a diamond ring a woman accidentally dropped in his cup.

When Billy Ray Harris noticed a dazzling diamond ring in his change cup, he didn’t even consider keeping it for himself. 

The homeless Missouri man didn’t realize at first that a generous passerby had accidentally dropped the sentimental piece of jewelry in his cup along with some money, KCTV reports. But once he saw it, the man who was raised by his reverend grandfather knew he would find a way to give it back.

So, when Sarah Darling returned the following day hoping that her engagement ring had fallen out of her wallet when she gave Harris some charity, he immediately handed it over.

“I think in our world, we often just jump to the worst conclusion,” Darling told KCTV. “It just makes you realize there are good people out there.”

While Harris’ actions are commendable, other homeless people have also shirked making a quick buck in order to do the right thing.

When Alan Dent, who’s been panhandling in Manchester, England for the past five years, came upon a purse filled with 70 pounds and credit cards in December, he immediately took it to Barclays Bank and the branch reunited the owner, Sandy Sharples, with her lost belongings, the Lancashire Evening Post reported.

“It has all moved me incredibly,” Sharples told the paper. “A person who clearly needs money handed in money. I want to thank Alan and he deserves a wonderful Christmas. He is my Mr. Kringle and sums up the spirit of the season.”

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